At Home With Allume Founder Camille

At Home With Allume Founder Camille

Hey, friends! C'est moi, Camille. Thanks for stopping by. 

As founder of Allume, my favourite part of the job is researching and interacting with cannabis lifestyle accessories, from smokeware to hemp-based goods. That means taking the time to really live with the products. I not only use them for their main functionalities, but also, incorporate them into my home as décor accents. This speaks to one of the key qualities I look for in items: versatility. So for instance, I'm drawn to pieces like pipes that not only work, but look great as style staples. This approach also allows me to cater to those who don't necessarily consume cannabis. What's more, you get real bang for your buck. 

With that, I'm taking you on a little home tour to show how I style three of my favourite goodies.


Hemson Goods Totem Grinder
No exaggeration: This is the holy grail of grinders. I've tried hundreds of different models and quite frankly, this is the only one you'll ever need. Well worth the investment. 
Made from hand-turned American walnut and solid aluminum core, it's a beautiful addition to a coffee table or TV stand. I placed mine on the latter, alongside some stone coasters and a vase. I love playing with items that are different heights; they add so much dimension! 
Aside from being chic and timeless, The Totem works amazingly well. Its main highlights: sharp teeth for a fluffy grind, a storage basin that also catches your ground herb, and, it turns like butter (most grinders accumulate lots of resin over time and become hard to use). 
Genna Williams Snake Pipe
Handmade with ceramic, this pipe has a sinuous body and offers an ergonomic smoking experience. It features a nice big bowl, so you can smoke a fair amount of bud. Like The Totem, this pipe belongs on my TV stand right in front of my new paintings (yes, I've found a quarantine hobby beyond Netflix). But sometimes, I move it to my side table next to the couch. I'm always mixing it up!
Fall for Vee Art Print
When we first launched about two years ago, our resident photographer Vee Mercier took a gorgeous shot of her hand holding up a joint. What struck me most was the fluidity of the smoke cloud. It suddenly dawned on me that there's a lack of minimalist cannabis-themed artwork. I've only ever spotted cartoonish, technicolour pieces that didn't speak to my style. As someone who enjoys timeless items, I just HAD to have this photo printed and framed (read: I bought a $12 IKEA frame). It currently bounces around from my nightstand to my bar cart. 
Thanks for joining me on my home tour! You can shop these items and more here
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