Field Trip: Allume Visits a Hemp Farm

Field Trip: Allume Visits a Hemp Farm

By Camille Chacra, founder of Allume

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit arguably one of the most beautiful, lush hemp farms I've ever seen. A friend of mine, cannabis marketing and PR consultant Alla Malyezyk, took the major step of fulfilling her dream; to grow her own plants and offer the cannabis community the most wholesome, thoughtfully grown craft hemp

During our visit, we walked through the endless rows of plants, which had massive colas. I'm talking bigger than my head, it was very impressive. To think that a plant can grow so large without any chemicals goes to show Mother Nature's potential.

As we ease into harvest season, one of the most exciting times of year for growers, I can't help but reflect on how fortunate I am to have been able to touch and smell the plant before it's dried and cured. To see where something you consume comes from gives you a whole new appreciation for the process, and people like Alla who are passionate and dedicated. 

With that, here are some lovely photos taken by the talented Claudia Martel, whose work you can ogle here. You can also follow Alla and her projects here

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