Meet Rashelle Campbell, Creator of the Allume Flub Rug

Meet Rashelle Campbell, Creator of the Allume Flub Rug
To celebrate the launch of our new Flub Rug - the latest addition to the Allume Homebody collection - we're introducing you to the artist, Rashelle Campbell. 
As a multidisciplinary creative with Indigenous Cree roots, Rashelle influenced by social and political conditions, and values playfulness as a means of exemplifying a more diverse standard of beauty. Her love of colours and pop culture is reflected in everything she creates. This approach resonated with us, as we always seek to help our community elevate their lifestyle with items that spark joy. 
Let's get to know Rashelle! 

What inspired your aesthetic? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from early 2000's pop culture that I was into as a pre-teen. If Lizzie McGuire and Austin Powers had a baby, my rugs would be their love child. 

Tell us about your creative process. 

The first step is to sketch the design on my iPad and then bring it to fruition! I'm lucky to have a studio in my home. Before I begin tufting, I put on a reality TV show and tuft away. It usually takes me around 4-8 hours depending on the size of the rug. The backing takes about another day to do. It's the most satisfying feeling when you finish a rug! 

What role does cannabis play in your life? 

Cannabis plays a relaxing role in my life. I've always been quite sensitive to cannabis, but I do drink CBD tea most evenings and sometimes use oil in the morning. I'm a big CBD lover!

Any self-care tips for fellow creatives?

Be true to your process and breathe! The biggest one for me is to take moments to just breathe and check in on myself. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my creative mojo juice that I forget I'm even a person! When this happens, I usually take a hot CBD bath and listen to some groovy soul music. Singing can be quite nice for the soul too! 

What's next for you? 

2021 is going to be a real fun one for me! I'm releasing a collection in February on my own website. I also have a few collaboration collections with other creatives and companies that will be released in the Spring and Summer. And.... I may be releasing more than just rugs... stay tuned! Bless you all!
For more on Rashelle, visit her website and Instagram


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