Marydust Joint Poker Necklace

Marydust Joint Poker Necklace

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Handcrafted in our hometown of Montréal, the limited edition Marydust joint poker necklace is a collaboration between Allume and slow jeweller, Kris Warren. 

Inspired by kief, the dust-like trichomes sifted from the cannabis flower, each poker is dipped in "Silverdust". The process involves repurposing locally sourced silver sawdust and fusing it onto the poker for a shimmering, contrasting effect. 

This unique piece has a rounded tip for optimal poking, and is available in sterling silver (high-end precious metal - 925). Each 2.5" poker is polished and strung on a 24" sterling silver chain. 


To use: Roll a joint, big or small. Take the poker, and gently poke your herb so that no air pockets remain in the joint. With an 8mm wide hoop, the poker can double as a joint holder for a large pre-roll, if you wish.


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