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Meraki Sayonara Terpene Tips

$ 8.00 CAD

Meraki's unique terpene rolling essentials take your herb to another level. Infused with a proprietary blend of organic food-grade terpenes, the Sayonara tips were formulated to help boost the sedative and relaxing properties of cannabis. The aroma is bursting with exotic florals and spicy under-tones. Each pack contains 4 crutches for a total of 8 uses.

What's more, every pack sold funds cannabis research! Meraki graciously donates proceeds to MAPS

This product is legal and does not contain any ingredients derived from cannabis. If you're allergic to any particular terpene/essential oil please contact us prior to purchasing. 


What are terpenes?

These are the essential oils secreted from the resin glands in the cannabis flower. They provide distinctive aromas and flavours, from citrus and floral, to pine. Terpenes also contribute to the effects of the plant; for example, a strain rich in limonene will uplift, while one with linalool will relax. For more information, visit our Pot Glossary