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Anitako Organics Balsam x Cedarwood Soy Candle

$ 16.50 CAD

Crisp, clean, earthy scent of woodland... just like taking a refreshing walk deep into an evergreen forest in the depths of winter. This hand-poured pure soy wax candle contains notes of citrus and balsam, blended with heart notes of spice, cedarwood and eucalyptus, rounded out with based notes of musk and moss for a fresh, warm and woody fragrance. Enjoy a long-lasting, clean burn with a lead-free cotton wick primed with essential oils and plant-based wax. No additives, dyes, or preservatives. 

Ingredients: Pure soy wax, fragrance (blend of high quality fragrance oils and/or essential oils).

4 oz / 112 ml, 1.75” tall x 2.5” wide, burn time 24+ hour

To reuse the metal tin: Soak with hot water to peel off label and wick. 

Made in Canada