"Oh, the Places You'll Go Oh Oh!" by Nicolle Hodges

"Oh, the Places You'll Go Oh Oh!" by Nicolle Hodges

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"A wonderfully ridiculous book about the power of pleasure, fully illustrated and written in Dr. Seuss-style verse."

Oh, the Places You'll Go Oh Oh! is the perfect gift for people who love orgasms, and those who want more of them. This book is all about overcoming shame, owning your orgasms, and strange creatures you might meet along the way to meeting YOU.

From sexual debut to exploring sex with yourself (or with two, maybe more!), author Nicolle Hodges addresses the ups and downs of the sexual journey with humour, all while encouraging readers to embrace their full sexual potential. Complete with genitalia-laden illustrations, the messages are simple yet profound.

Illustrations by Jillian Mundy. 

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