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High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

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Buh-bye cotton mouth. High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges are made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and spices that activate the flow of saliva in the mouth's submandibular glands, providing immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms commonly associated with cannabis use and many prescription medications. The assorted fruit blend includes blueberry, strawberry, lemon, apple & more. They're gluten and sugar free, naturally sweetened, naturally flavoured, non-GMO and allergen free.


All High & Dry products are certified Kosher, FDA compliant, SQF Level 2 certified, and GMP certified. This product does not contain THC or CBD. Latest batch is best by 6/27/2020. Ingredients: Sorbitol, gum arabic, natural flavors, artificial colours.