The Millie Chillum
The Millie Chillum
The Millie Chillum
The Millie Chillum

The Millie Chillum

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We've always been suckers for minimalism... so here's a minimalist pipe to add to your kit! Created in collaboration with Wandering Bud, this kale green porcelain piece holds 1-3 hits. Handmade with care, each piece is unique and perfectly imperfect with character. Dons a Wandering Bud stamp detail, measures approximately 3 inches long and 0.5 inch in diameter. Glaze is non-toxic and food safe. 

To clean: 

Use a needle to loosen any large debris.

Place pipe in a zip lock bag and fill a pipe cleaning solution (if you do not have a pipe-specific cleaning solution, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a tablespoon of salt). Shake vigorously until clean. Repeat as needed.

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