420 Book Society's #StayHome Reading List

420 Book Society's #StayHome Reading List

By 420 Book Society 


Being under self-quarantine has been challenging, but fortunately, we still have books and cannabis to keep us calm. Much like the plant, reading has many stress-reducing benefits that can improve our daily lives; consider it a "time out" from work, personal relationships and the like. 

Reading also provides so much knowledge, filling our minds with new information. It requires us to use many parts of our brain, which is a great exercise! Cannabis user or not, reading can arguably change your life and bring a whole lot of fulfillment. 

Looking for a new book? We have a round-up curated specially for you. Here are some 420 Book Society picks, ranging from inspirational and educational, to classic stoner fun.



"Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness: An Essential Guide for Using Nature's Medicine to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, and More", by Aliza Sherman and Dr. June Chin.

For those new to the plant, this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide breaks down the basics of cannabis consumption. It highlights how both CBD and THC ease health issues and help with overall well-being. 


"The Cannabis Manifesto", by Steve DeAngelo.

Or, better known as “the only book every cannabis enthusiast should read." We couldn’t agree more. The Cannabis Manifesto presents a compelling case for why cannabis must be legalized and how every user is a medical patient. 


"Finding your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis Sled Care", by Sophie Saint Thomas.

A perfect read for anyone looking to incorporate cannabis into their lives and wellness rituals. Finding Your Higher Self guides you through the process of integrating the calming effects of cannabis into your routine with over 100 activities to keep your mind and body elevated. 


"Cannabis and Spirituality, An Explorers Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally", by Stephen Gray.

Explore the spiritual side of “the people’s plant” through practices like yoga, meditation, visualization, and much more. This guide shows how cannabis can be an effective tool through the journey of awakening, helping us feel closer to nature, each other and ourselves!


"Roll Up, Roll Up: Show Your Cannabis You Care With 20 Unique Ways to Roll Blunts and Joints", by Danny Mallo. 

If you're in the mood to get crafty, this is right up your alley. Roll Up, Roll Up shows you how to amp up your rolling game with 20 different projects; learn to create tulip jays, magnums, blunts, and more. 


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