Do the Work: Highly Important Anti-Racism Resources

Do the Work: Highly Important Anti-Racism Resources

Care more. Listen more. Do more - always.

Allyship is a lifelong process of building relationships rooted in trust, consistency and accountability with marginalized individuals and groups. Take this key word and burn it into your memory: consistency. We're calling on all allies to genuinely and wholeheartedly commit to taking action, listening and learning for life.

Black folx have long been providing indispensable resources to fight against poisonous systemic racism. It's now up to non-black individuals to study and disseminate these works on a regular basis with social media followers, friends, family and strangers. This is long overdue. Black folx have tirelessly done the labour; allies must take the initiative and do the work. 

With that, we're keeping a round-up of content to ensure our community and beyond are informed. If you have any anti-racism resources to add, please comment below. This post will continuously be updated with new additions. 

Thanks to our wonderful, tight-knit community, we've raised and donated $700 to the George Floyd Memorial Fund. Allume will continue to support organizations on an ongoing basis - updates to come. At this time, we encourage our community to donate to Last Prisoner Project. The option can be found at checkout. This nonprofit works for criminal justice reform to release, expunge and help re-entry of people in prison for cannabis crimes. The racially disproportionate nature of the war on drugs has been devastating to Black communities

To conclude, we have a simple request: If you choose to share this post on social media, we kindly ask that you not "applaud" us for speaking out as a brand. Please recognize the Black folx featured in this piece instead. 

We thank you for your action. 

Before we begin, a reminder:



  • "Anti-Racism Resources Canada", by @deadcelery, @danii_jo, @asasyssas. READ HERE
  • "InclusiveBase", by Cannaclusive + Almost Consulting. READ HERE
  • A pre-written email template to send to Minneapolis officials. SEND HERE
  • "Contacts and Scripts to send Local Officials regarding the murder of George Floyd" by @terrylillis. READ HERE
  • "Justice in June", by Autumn Gupta and Bryanna Wallace. READ HERE.
  • "#BUYBLACK GUIDE", by Tiffany Chanel Knighten. READ HERE
  • "Racisme systémique au Québec". A pre-written email to provincial officials calling for an inquest into systemic racism. SEND HERE.
  • "Liste de psychothérapeutes noir.e.s au Québec" by Ariel Garand. READ HERE.
  • "List of Mental Health Professionals in Montreal" by Jodie-Ann Muckler. READ HERE


  • Huffington Post: "Black Organizations and Anti-Racist Groups Canadians Can Support Now", by Melanie Woods. READ HERE
  • The Lily: "The Time for Token Acts of Solidarity is Over: We Need Less Defensiveness, Fewer Token Fists Raised at a Rally, Fewer Blank Squares on Instagram", by Atima Omara. READ HERE.
  • Medium: "Hey, Cannabis Industry, Your Silence is Deafening", by Ika Washington. READ HERE
  • The Star: "It’s Long-Past Time to Talk About Policing of Black Women in Canada", by Robyn Maynard. READ HERE.
  • Pyriscence: "Remembering Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Colour Killed by Canadian Police", by Desmond Cole. READ HERE.
  • Medium: "75 Things White People Can do For Racial Justice", by Corinne Shutack. READ HERE
  • Medium: "The Only Justice for George Floyd is to Finally Abolish Slavery in the U.S.", by Andre Henry. READ HERE
  • "I Want to be an Ally, But I Don't Known What to Do", by Giselle Buchanan. READ HERE
  • "You Like Weed? Cool, Here's How to be a Conscious Cannabis Consumer", by Charlotte Palermino. READ HERE
  • "A Brief History of Anti-Black Policing in Montreal", by READ HERE
  • Vice: "Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Struggling With This Very Painful Week." READ HERE
  • "Black Revolutionary Texts". READ HERE



    Visit TED for a full playlist. 



    • "Brown Girl Dreaming", by Jacqueline Woodson. SHOP HERE
    • "Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You", by Jason Reynolds, Ibram X. Kendi. SHOP HERE
    • "White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism", by Robin DiAngelo. SHOP HERE
    • "When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir", by Asha Bandele and Patrisse Cullors. SHOP HERE







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