What's in Camille's Stash

What's in Camille's Stash

Hey, friends! I'm Camille, the founder of Allume. Thanks for stopping by. 

As you can likely surmise, I love cannabis; so much so that I made a living out of it! Since day one, my objective has been to provide a thoughtfully curated collection of high-quality, multi-purpose cannabis accessories mainly catering to womxn. 

That said, sampling and selecting products is an integral part of my daily life; and needless to say, a genuine passion. Today, I'm sharing a round-up of some of my favourite goods selected for Allume and my very own stash. 


Meraki Terpene Tips

Last year, I was approached by Meraki, a brand offering unique terpene-infused filter tips (terps are the natural compounds that give plants their distinctive aromas and can also alter our moods). Right off the bat, I thought the idea was MEGA cool. I sampled the product and wasn't disappointed. What I loved most: 

A) My cannabis tasted even more flavourful. 

B) The tips are reusable (each pack contains 4 crutches for a total of 8 uses).

C) Personally, I noticed the organic food-grade terpenes slightly elevated the calming effects of my chosen cultivar. Please note that our bodies are all very different! This was my experience. 



Plant Pleasure Chill Box

This is definitely my favourite Chill Box to date! I've always been fascinated by the synergy of cannabis and intimacy, so I made it this season's theme. Here's a little background on some of the featured products:
Hemson Goods Parlour ash tray
I'm a sucker for ashtrays! Ever since I launched Allume, I've been accumulating a collection that I display throughout my apartment. What I love most about this particular piece is its timeless design; the classic ribbed glass exterior, crystal-like facets. The Parlour also has a smooth interior, making it easy to clean (it's also top-shelf dishwasher safe!) Overall, it's a practical piece for ash and also serves as a catch-all for your keys, jewelry and more. 
High on Love hemp lip gloss
Based in my hometown of Montreal, High on Love boasts a line of vegan, chemical-free and cruelty-free adult cosmetics. Their stimulating hemp lip gloss immediately caught my eye. It plumps more than just your lips, increasing sensitivity in intimate areas. Sold. 
SensaStone Lust bath bomb
Canadian brand SensaStone has created a legal hemp bath bomb with a proprietary blend known as "Cannanda CB2 terpenes." That means you get the active terpenes derived from cannabis for a calming soak. Lust in particular features an  aphrodisiac blend of earthy patchouli, sweet orange, cardamom, juniper, coriander, palmarosa, geranium and rose petals. 
The box also include 48North's "The Future is Female Flower" tote, a Jane West one-hitter with built-in poker, and Barbari's sultry "Lust" smoking blend. 

Fizzy Gummy Pipe 

This limited-edition pipe was designed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist, Ninon Choplin (neenineen). The Fizzy Gummy design is slip cast with an ice white clay, finished with hand-painted pale green speckles and clear glaze. It's a lovely décor piece and provides a deliciously smooth smoke. Handmade pieces are so special because they have slight variances; in other words, one-of-a-kind! 


Another Room Doob Tube

If you typically place your joint in a Ziploc and hope for the best, it's time to reconsider your DIY stash solution. This lightweight portable $5 doob tube keeps your roll intact and fresh. I always keep mine in my pocket or purse. 


Gossamer 101 Guides

When I first came across Gossamer Magazine's trio of educational pot pamphlets, I knew they'd be the perfect fit for the shop. I've always been really adamant about the importance of promoting responsible consumption, and these guides communicate information in an engaging way for the modern consumer. The Gossamer guides cover:

  • How to Roll a Sensible Joint
  • A Sensible Guide to Smoking (Again)
  • A Sensible Guide to Being too High



Great news! All of our products are 25% OFF until Sunday, March 15th at 11:59pm ET.  Enter code HUMPDAYTREAT at checkout! Happy shopping. 

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