Psychic Medium Kristine Fredheim on the Healing Energies of Cannabis

Psychic Medium Kristine Fredheim on the Healing Energies of Cannabis

By Kristine Fredheim


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble relaxing. It wasn't before my early 30s that I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD following several traumatic events throughout my life. When I started to process my unresolved emotional pain, I gradually learned to understand my body. 

Basically, when you have PTSD, you're hyper alert because you've adapted to trauma (fight or flight mode is activated); so even just breathing regularly can be nearly impossible. I consulted with a doctor, who prescribed medication for my insomnia, but it never really helped me surrender to relaxation. I couldn't rest for more than a few hours. I tried so many things out of desperation, but nothing worked...

That is, until I tried cannabis. It was exactly what I needed.

I started smoking a little every night and was able to get 8 hours of sleep at a time, which is insane, considering how long I struggled with insomnia. This was real progress. 

As I started to lean into my new herbal routine, I also noticed my confidence flourish. I finally felt my life could truly be lived to the fullest, and this realization gave me the strength I needed to feel out my trauma in therapy. 

While making major progress in my daily life, I also found my spirituality reached a higher level. I was able to tap into my intuition more than ever. I've been working as a psychic medium for many years; the more pain I shed, the clearer my energy field became, making the messages I was receiving even more vivid. Weed was a grounding force that allowed me to relax enough to fully open up, and feel balance in my being. 

Cannabis has also led to another joyful breakthrough in my journey; it helped me learn to explore my body after surviving sexual abuse. This trauma had blocked me from feeling secure. It reached the point where I even lost the ability to dance. Smoking weed gave my nervous system the stability it needed, and I could finally move with ease. I have to say, finding a safe way to tap into your sensuality after being abused feels like one of the biggest victories. I became so strongly connected with myself in a new way. Having this control was mind blowing. 

As each day passed, I felt progressively better. I began to take little breaks from smoking, and was amazed to see that I could still sleep, relax and work through my trauma. It seems all my body needed was to learn a new pattern with some help from Mother Nature. 

Today, I can proudly say I’m free from my “fight or flight” energy, even after reducing my cannabis consumption. I feel like I've been given a new life.  

The biggest takeaway from my story is this: weed has its benefits, and if you move with its healing energies and use it with intention, it can be transformative in so many ways.  

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Photos by Liana Carbone

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