Laundry Day's Victoria Ashley on Redefining Cannabis Aesthetics

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Laundry Day is a line of design-forward smokeware intended to shift the visual narrative behind cannabis use. Like many womxn, founder Victoria Ashley couldn't find appealing accessories, coming face-to-face with a notable gap in the industry. Thus, she created LD, which quickly became a leading pipe purveyor in the cannabis space. Defined by a modern 1970s aesthetic, what's most special about the brand is the duality of its pieces; each pipe can be seamlessly incorporated into your home decor, and the smoking experience is smooth as can be. Victoria has nailed the "fashion meets function" approach, offering up goods that redefine outdated models.

What's more, LD also prioritizes social action; 50% of proceeds from the new Clio pipe will be donated to a cyclical selection of organizations geared towards galvanizing women, girls, our trans brothers and sisters, and social equity programs.

Now, let's get to know Victoria.

What's your story?

I grew up in a small town in Ontario and later attended school for merchandising. I had almost completed my schooling when I decided that course wasn't for me; I wanted to go down a different path, though at the time, I had no idea what that was. I soon moved to Tofino, BC, a small coastal surf town on Vancouver Island. The adjustment definitely wasn't easy, as I didn't know it could rain so much in one place. I found myself looking for hobbies, and what started out as a Pinterest craft quickly turned into the launch of my first business as a leatherworker. 

That's awesome! So how did Laundry Day come into the picture?

I soon realized the production side of leatherwork wasn't for me. I began to experience health issues, which ultimately lead to the creation of LD. Already having a boutique space allowed me to test my product ideas, hear feedback directly, and see the need for the items I wanted to create. After three years of co-owning the space, I took a step back to focus on Laundry Day.

Tell us about your personal connection with cannabis, and how that influenced the brand.  

A few years ago, I had been experiencing IUD-related health issues, which had been misdiagnosed over a period of three years. Doctors would simply tell me to "take stronger Advil". At that point, I started using cannabis for pain relief and as a sleep aid. As I became comfortable with the plant, I decided it was time to take ownership over this experience, stop smoking my boyfriend's stash and get my own pipe. 

As soon I stepped into a smoke shop for the first time, that excitement turned into shame and embarrassment. I felt discouraged and unwelcome. After this experience, I knew I couldn't be the only person who felt this way, so I designed the Tanjun Pipe, and Laundry Day was born. 

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Your new collection is unbelievable; dynamic shapes, colours and packaging. What inspired LD's unique aesthetic?

Thank you! Laundry Day's vision and aesthetic took shape from what I wanted in both a smoking accessory, but also, in a brand as a whole. I'm constantly inspired by interior design, and have become obsessed with vintage decor books. Many of the shapes, textures, and color palettes found in these books have really influenced the direction of the brand from product design, to the branding elements. 

Great branding is definitely a must! For many, it truly elevates the smoking experience.

I have a major appreciation for branding, packaging, and I believe in the full brand experience. For Laundry Day, the packaging has always been an important aspect and I'm so excited to be moving towards more sustainable options.

Your pipes offer such a smooth smoke. It's tough to find accessories that are beautiful and don't compromise on quality. How were you able to strike this balance?

Functionality is SO important when it comes to combining beauty and design with an everyday object. Working within the limitations of glasswork while remaining true to Laundry Day's vision has been a fun challenge. It's essential for me to test out the design before releasing it to the public to iron out any kinks or quirks. Something as simple as the placement of the carb can really change your experience, and these small details make a big difference.

This is admittedly a tricky question...which pipe from the new collection do you love most? 

That is a tough one! What I love most about the variety of accessories brands in the cannabis space is that there's room for each piece in different applications. I'll always love my Hudson as a bedtime piece and Charlotte on-the-go, but lately, Nanou has really been my go-to piece for when I'm hanging out and binge-watching shows. 

What's next for LD? 

I'm super excited about the future of LD and the industry in general. We have lots of great new designs and ideas in the works in terms of broadening the accessories line. I also look forward to working with more talented photographers and artists to continue to grow our vision. 

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