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Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth Allume

While the women in weed movement has significantly ramped up in the last couple of years, Maya Elisabeth has been paving the way for over a decade. As founder of Om Edibles, she has long been an advocate and thought-leader, earning seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards and a stellar reputation as leading medical cannabis product developer.

In 2016, Maya partnered up with longtime MJ champion and icon, Whoopi Goldberg, to launch Whoopi & Maya. The signature line of medical cannabis products were designed specifically to provide relief for menstrual discomfort. Needless to say, they nailed a winning recipe, allowing women to claim power over pain.

We recently chatted with Maya to learn more about her journey in the cannabis space.

Whoopi & Maya Cannabis Products

Take us back to your first time using cannabis!

The first time I inhaled cannabis, I didn’t get high. It was out of a soda can that we made into a pipe at the park by my house. The next time I consumed - about a year and a half later - I got so incredibly high and fell in love with the sensation. It’s been a love story ever since.

Your brand Om Edibles has been incredibly influential since its 2008 launch. How does it feel to be a leader in the field?

Om has been a gorgeous journey that has changed my life many times over. Om is my vision of cannabis in action; it’s the way we show her contribution to the world.

Let's talk Whoopi & Maya. How did you and Whoopi Goldberg meet?

Whoopi found us because of our victories through High Times. She had a vision for women and cannabis, and was searching for the perfect people to bring it to life. A gentleman by the name of Rick Cusick brought us together and the rest was history! Or should I say, "herstory".

How did the product line come together?

When we met, we had a lot of chemistry. We quickly realized how well we got along, and had the same intentions and visions for women. We began working with Alexis, my herbalist friend, who had an existing menstrual line. We formulated the four products together!

Maya Elisabeth of Whoopi & Maya Cannabis

So many women suffer from extreme menstrual discomfort. How does cannabis help manage symptoms? 

Cannabis is wonderful for pain and anxiety. It really hits both spots where women need support during that time of the month; and even, before and after. When cannabis is combined with other nutrient-dense ingredients, it can be even more effective for pain and discomfort. A great example would be Epsom salts. Magnesium stops the uterine wall from cramping and that's why our Epsom salts work!

Women are truly having their moment in cannabis, and we believe it's here to stay - specifically, the infused self-care wave. What do you think is the "next big thing" in cannabis wellness for women? 

Definitely beauty. I see beauty as being the future! The government patent for cannabinoids is the antioxidant properties; they cancel free radicals, which cause wrinkles and illness! It’s that simple.

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you offer to women looking to establish businesses in the cannabis space?

My advice would be to take what you're already passionate about, and find a way to combine it with cannabis. Take something you love, and figure out how to infuse it. Also, connect personally to the plant. People that understand the medicinal value of cannabis always make better medicine!

To learn more about Whoopi & Maya, visit their official website here. You can also follow Maya Elisabeth on Instagram, @the_flower_of_a_thousand_names.

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