Cute Weed Accessories for Your Home Decor

Cute Weed Accessories for Your Home Decor
Now more than ever, it's super easy to get sick of your surroundings... but there's an easy fix for that: elevate your decor with cute weed accessories! They really breathe new life into any space without the effort of a full zhuzh-up. Today on The Trim, we're showing you some of our top picks fit for the homes of weed lovers - all of which you can find right here on Allume! 

The Birth of Chill Print

Created in collaboration with Montreal-based artist Teen Adultt, this bold 12"x12" art print was inspired by the iconic "The Birth of Venus" painting by Boticelli. We've taken the magic of cannabis, melding it with Pop Neo-Expressionism for a trippy take on a classic. Available in two colour variations: Pink Haze and Blue Haze. 

3 Piece Grinder shelf with books, weed grinder and bag

We're obsessed with Hemson's minimalist, durable grinder. They've seriously nailed the concept of fashion meets function in cannabis. Main highlights: made with high quality American walnut wood, a tiered ergonomic form, a storage basin and sharp aluminium teeth. Not only will it add edge to your shelf, you'll have the fluffiest grind. As seen on Goop, Bespoke Post and Forbes. 

Warm Hug Candle

We're all about creating a MOOD. In other words, setting the most relaxing atmosphere for seshing or simply being still. Our Warm Hug candle does just that with its blissful aromatherapy. The amber jar and minimalist label translate even more warmth to your aesthetic. Once you reach the end of the candle, give it a good scrub, peel off the label and store some knick knacks in there. 

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