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Hey, we're Allume.


Welcome to your new spot for cannabis lifestyle essentials. We're happy to have you.

Allume is Quebec's first pot-centric brand specifically catered to women; an online space where both the cannacurious and seasoned tokers can explore discreet, beautifully crafted products from established and emerging brands. Our signature item, the monthly Chill Box, was thoughtfully curated to elevate your experience with pot; from organic rolling papers and terpene-inspired scents, to high-design pipes, this is our love letter to you.

There's more to the story, though. Allume isn't just a one-dimensional shopping experience. It equally serves as a multi-platform collective free of judgment. We're inviting you to join the conversation and engage with original content, like The Grass Ceiling podcast, photo series, and informative articles.

Allume, in French, means to light up, but also “lit” and a bit wild. We preach cannabis wokeness, and hope you find our offerings and insights alluminating.

Happy chill, friends.