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Notice regarding shipping to Quebec

To our dear Quebec customers,

It's with great frustration that we announce we're no longer permitted to sell most of our products in the province due to the SQDC's monopoly on cannabis accessories. This is very disappointing, as we operate in Quebec and have a deep connection with those who've supported us from the beginning. If you'd like to purchase items from Allume such as the Chill Box, pipes, grinders and rolling papers, your order will have to be shipped to a location elsewhere in Canada.

HOWEVER, you are welcome to order items that are not deemed "cannabis accessories", such as moisturizers, candles, face serums, fragrances, apparel, books, incense, dishes and multi-purpose jars, cases. You must simply e-mail us your request (info@shop-allume.com), which we'll review to ensure there are no items that violate the provincial regulations. 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope you'll continue to engage with our content.

Questions? Contact us anytime: info@shop-allume.com. Thanks for your constant support. We love you!