SAMPLE SALE: Flawed Green Dream Tarot Decks

SAMPLE SALE: Flawed Green Dream Tarot Decks

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This is your chance to get your hands on our premium tarot decks at a steep discount! All decks are in excellent condition, but have some minor defects: faint scratches and small dents on the box. 


A special collaboration with leading tarot brand, Soul Cards. The luxury Green Dream deck pays homage to Mother Nature's most healing and spiritual plant. Featuring 78 velvety smooth matte cards with a beautiful leaf print, and signature Soul Cards symbols in gold foil.  

Do not leave your deck in direct sunlight. Bleaching could occur. 
PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to save on paper, the Soul Cards brand doesn't include physical booklets with their decks. Customers can instead access the official Soul Cards e-book here